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Working Committees

Ethical Committee

A committee of three members, appointed by the board, which evaluates the conduct of members based on the AHF Ethical Standards. If necessary, the Ethical Committee submits a proposal to the board.

Road Transport Working Committee

A large number of AHFLSP members are involved in freight forwarding, and some even in carriage, via public roads. The Road Transport Working group articulates the concerns and interests of Association members specialising in this branch of the industry and passes these on to other interest groups and to state authorities.

Air Transport Working Committee
Logistics Working Committee
Transport Expert Committee
Rail Transport Working Committee

In the past few decades, the rail branch of the freight forwarding and carriage industries has experienced rapid decline. In spite of this, freight forwarded by rail as a proportion of total freight traffic continues to be significant. For this reason, and also because the EU transportation policy has, for various reasons, targeted the modernisation and development of fixed-route goods forwarding, in terms of environmental concerns, among other things, the Association believes it necessary to operate a Rail Transport Working group. The task of the Rail Transport Working group is to gather professional experience on this subject.

Customs Affairs Committee
Water Transport Working Committee